Psychotherapy; Salisbury Area  


For Adults, Children, & Couples by Jakota Herring LCSW-C

 30+ years therapy  experience  with a full range of issues & problems.        *  Compassion     *  Integrity       *  LGBTQ Friendly

  • Do you lay awake nights worrying about your marriage/relationship? I will help you save yourself & your children from a separation before it is too late!

  •  Are you too depressed to get out of bed? Is anger destroying you relationships/family or threatening your job. I'll give you a toolbox of proven techniques to restore your calm & control. 

  •  Struggling with LGBTQ issues? I understand!

  •  Eliminate/ cope better with difficult emotions, behaviors, or life situations. I believe I can help you! I tailor my work to YOUR needs with methods. 

  •  effective therapy  outcome track record of 30+ years.

  • Call now for a free 15-20 min phone consult.   See "about" for reviews.